Meebox April ’17 Review


This is very very late but uni has really taken control and I finally managed to catch up, so better late than never, ey?

The best time of the month is when Meebox arrives to my front door, I know they’re always going to beat the last month.

This month’s theme was all about indulging in the summer sun and making the most of what we call summer with Soft Scoop. Although, the weather has been a hit and miss in the UK, but Meebox helped brighten up the day.

This month we were spoilt with 6 epic products which included:

  1. Whats Up Nails: Dripping Stencils $3.75
  2. Whats Up Nails: Neapolitan Confetti $3.75
  3. iZ Beauty London: Baby Blue £6.00
  4. Zoya: Matte Velvet Top Coat $10.00
  5. Trust Fund Beauty: Do You Know Who My Father Is? $12.00
  6. Models Own Official: Banana Split £4.99



I was really impressed with this month’s box as it really showed value in products and is well worth the money spent. I can’t wait to experiment with these pastel colours and get a flavour of summer.

Check out my unboxing video on my Instagram page to get a close look and be sure to check out Meebox.

iZ Beauty Swatch.jpg

iZ Beauty London – Baby Blue


  • Dries fairly fast
  • Baby Blue/Sky Blue colour – True to colour
  • Applied in full coverage in 2 layers
  • Shiny finish

This brand is A-M-A-Z-ing! I applied this in one thin coat and a second slightly thicker coat and the coverage is brilliant. Usually with lighter toned nail polishes, you have to constantly apply to get a better coverage but iZ BL have really perfected the formula.

I wouldn’t say it’d be brilliant for stamping as the formula isn’t too creamy but for a classy summer mani, I’d say it’s perfect.

It is easy to apply, the brush is small and not chunky at all making it easy to get into the smaller areas.

Needless to say, I would recommend the brand 100% and I am keen to try some other polishes of theirs.

TFB Pink Swatch.jpg

Trust Fund Beauty – Do You Know Who My Father Is?


  • Dry time is average
  • Baby Pink and is true to colour
  • Applied in 3 layers
  • Shiny finish

Trust Fund Beauty has been featured in Meebox before and I always get excited when I see this brand. It is safe to say, that it didn’t disappoint.

Although it took 3 layers for coverage, the colour is stunning and is another one for my top 5 summer colours. When wearing this colour, it does really brighten up reality of rain, who needs sun when you have summer polish?? – Ok, I may be getting ahead of myself but this polish is still fantastic.

The dry time is fairly average, having to wait around 5 minutes for each layer to dry to avoid clumping.

The application brush is quite long and so are the bristles, this did make it awkward to apply and with the formula being on the runny side, it kept on dripping. It is definitaly not a polish for stamping.

Models Own Banana Split.jpg

Models Own – Banana Split


  • Dry time fairly fast
  • Light Yellow and is true to colour
  • Applied in 3-4 layers
  • Shiny finish

Ok so, Models Own have never been on the top of my list for the best brand BUT I do really like this polish. It did take me a while to apply a full coverage, having done so in 3-4 layers, which means the polish is too thin. Although, the good thing about this means it does dry a lot faster.

The application brush is quite wide, so that does mean more of the nail gets covered faster but clean up is a bit of a pain after. I’m putting this down to the width of my own nail though.

Soft Scoop Nail Art.jpg

Soft Scoop Nail Art

Dripping Nail SC


Due to uni work I didn’t have a lot of time to experiment but I am so happy with my outcome. I used Trust Fund Beauty polish on all my nails and applied 3 coats for a good coverage.

I decided to dot the blue and yellow polish as if it was 2 scoops of ice cream with a dotting tool. The confetti was applied with a dotting tool as well.

I applied my favourite top coat – Seche Nails Fast Dry Top Coat

I used the dripping stencil on my middle finger nail tip and wanted to create a ‘frosty’ look. I decided to use the Zoya Matte Velvet top coat and I am really happy with the way it turned out.

The confetti is so pretty and sparkly and will last so long!!! – Really depends on how ou decide to use it though. The stencils are not too sticky which helps prevent peeling of the polish unde
rneath, so overall I was happy with them.

The box was fantastic this month and next month is ‘Lost City’ – it features a brand we have never seen in Meebox before, excited!!! Time to sit tight for the box to arrive!

Let me know what you think of my mani!

Kiran K x

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