Meebox May ’17 Review

Lost city box arrived after what felt like a very long month and I’m not too sure how I feel about it…

Lost City is all about the beautiful architecture in the cities that were lost and artists all around the world are fascinated by them. It’s time to create art inspired by tombs, old statues or even just the landscape.

It’s definitely different.

Meebox Lost City Contents.jpg


This months box is worth £41.00 and contains 5 products.


The box offers a good range of products and for half the price, so money is still well spent.

Ruby Wing Hello Sailor.jpg
Ruby Wing – Hello Sailor


  • Dries fairly fast
  • Orange – Not true to colour, meant to be gold
  • Didn’t apply as full coverage after 4 coats
  • Shimmery finish

This was my least favourite product of everything in the box because it’s meant to change colour, but it didn’t. It also needed several coats to hide the smile but after 4 coats, it’s still transparent.

I was looking forward to seeing this change colour to the dark red it promises on the bottle but much to my disappointment it didn’t. The polish is meant to change colour with being outside and inside. If you’re indoors it’s meant to be a gold/orange and outdoors it is meant to be the dark red. I’m assuming it’s activated by UV light. I left this polish on for 24 hrs but nothing changed and it remained orange. I thought this had something to do with my base coat but I took the bottle outside to see if the polish changed but it didn’t.

I checked on the website and the colour in my bottle looks totally different to the picture online, which left me somewhat annoyed. Online the colour looks like a gold polish but in person the polish looks orange with a pink shimmer.

Totally not impressed, but on to the next…

Cuccio Pier Pressure.jpg

Cuccio – Pier Pressure


  • Average drying time
  • Pinky Nude – True to colour
  • Applied in full coverage in 3 layers
  • Shiny finish

This is a lovely colour and would be perfect for stamping on top of dark polishes. The consistency is thick and creamy and applies well.

The brush is long and thin but if you apply too much polish to the brush it does tend to leak onto the sides of the nail. Although, coats apply evenly.

Annika Blue Lagoon.jpg

Annika – Blue Lagoon


  • Dries fairly fast
  • Bright Blue/Green – True to colour
  • Applied in full coverage in 2 layers
  • Shiny finish

This was my favourite of the bunch because it was highly pigmented and will probably blind someone in public with the colour. It’s such a gorgeous colour but BEWARE, it stains.

As I was only swatching this I didn’t put base coat on and oops, it stained my fingers and nails. However, with a good base coat, this will be amazing because the colour really pops.

The application brush is really good because it takes enough polish and evenly applies it. This makes life so much easier and speeds up the time. Each layer was dry within about a minute to 2 minutes.

The decals are yet to be tried in the next couple of days and it will be my first time trying out water decals. Pray for me!

I’m excited to use the NCLA wipes, for £15 they should be good!

Overall the box was good but the Ruby Wing polish is defo a no no in my opinion but I’ll give it one more go before I completely write them off!

Check out my Instagram in the meantime where I update most days of my nail shenanigans and check out my Meebox unboxing video.

Kiran K x

P.S – If you fancy grabbing yourself a Meebox (UK Only at the moment) then head over to their website and subscribe today.


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