Sparklea Sale

Uni is over for the summer, YAY!

Time to concentrate on the best things in life…Nails!

Oopsie, I did it again. I spent money on the magnificent Sparklea polishes and I don’t feel bad! As some of you may have seen from her Instagram, she had an amazing sale on and it was really hard to resist.

I ordered:

  • Chocolate
  • Pistachio
  • Candy Floss

First up is Chocolate and it is the perfect nude brown if you want to go for a simple look to match everything.



With a hint of pink, it’s perfect for the mauve trends that seem to be in all year round, you literally can’t go wrong.

Next up is Pistachio and I love this colour. I haven’t owned a colour like it before so it’s something new to my never ending collection.



It’s a mix between green and yellow but not too ‘in your face’. This colour is great for summer and remains subtle unlike other summery colours around.

Finally, Candy Floss! This colour is so vibrant and so on trend if you’re into your bright colour and it contains a shimmer pigment, and like all of Sparklea’s shimmery polishes, they sparkle!!!


Candy Floss

See what I mean? The sparkle is just amazing. It’s slightly silvery in shine and shimmer.

All polishes have been applied with 2 coats because these polishes go on so well, there isn’t usually any need for more coats.

Sparklea is soon releasing a new summer indie box under a collab, so keep an eye out on her Instagram for the updates.

Kiran K x

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