Red Nails and Confidence

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been trying to get my life on track and have started to feel extremely bland in my everyday life. The time came around for me to change my nail polish and I have recently been wearing nudes/mauve colours.

These colours are absolutely beautiful, but can feel extremely dull. I asked my sister what colour to wear and she said ‘RED!’ – I was so happy when she decided what colour I should wear because I probably would have worn another bland colour while I try to sort myself out.

I wouldn’t call myself boring, I’m just so motivated to get on the right track that my nails took a bit of a backseat these last few weeks. But I am back and the red is out! I keep looking at my nails and just admiring the colour red. For anyone that knows me, I am not a big fan of wearing red but red polish is so vibrant.

Red Polish.jpg

Friends by NCLA

The colour is associated with motivation, determination and passion and these are all values I hold. I love just wearing it right now to show what is going on in my head. A lot of people believe it’s sensual, and it can be, but we can wear the colour red for other reasons. Don’t be afraid to wear it; have the confidence.

Have that determination and passion and life will lead you into the right direction.

Kiran K x

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