Teabag Fix

Hello everyone,

For the last month and a half I have had a horrible break on my nail. The kind of break where it was ready to snap off, but I wasn’t quite ready yet to cut all my nails down. Therefore, it was time to get the teabags out (literally).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture that shows the broken nail, but to paint you guys a picture, it was on either side of my nail and very close to the nail bed edge (ouch!).

The steps I am going to show you are the removal of a teabag fix before redoing it.

Step 1: 

Oil up that nail with cuticle oil so it nourishes the nail before you use a polish remover. Make sure this soaks in for around 5 minutes.


Step 2:

Use acetone-free polish to remove any polish thats on the nails.


Step 3:

Soak in acetone to break the bonds of the glue and the existing teabag. Check every couple of minutes. Try not to leave the nail in the acetone for too long as it can damage the nail.


Step 4:

You will know the acetone has melted the bonds when the texture on the nail goes sticky and ‘gooey’. Use a cuticle pusher tool to scrape away the ‘gooey’ residue on the nail.


Step 5:

Next, use the rougher side of the file to file away the lumpy layer on the nail. Don’t apply too much pressure as you don’t want to file too much of the natural nail.





Step 6:

If needed, you can remove any excess cuticle before proceeding with step 6.

Now you are ready to apply another teabag fixture to the nail. Cut a paper teabag to the width of the nail and your preferable length.


Step 7:

You will need to apply glue to the part of the nail that is broken and across the nail. One this is done, you can now apply the teabag across the nail. You can apply more nail glue on top of the teabag to give the nail extra strength.



Step 8:

Now apply a topcoat and allow this to fully dry before applying a 2nd coat.


Step 9:

When the topcoat is dry, you can buff the nail so it feels smooth and natural. If 2 layers of topcoat isn’t enough then you can apply another coat if needed.


Step 10:

Once the nail does feel smooth enough, apply 1 coat of either base coat or nail strengthener.


Final Result:

Can you even tell?

Red Polish.jpg

It may seem complicated, but the more you keep doing it, the better it gets. This fix can last a whopping 3 weeks!!! A great way to allow the nail to grow whilst not having to cut down all the other nails.

If you have any questions about this DIY fix then comment on the post and I will do my best to answer

Kiran K x

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