Meebox June ’17

I am so happy with this months box, guys. Honestly, it is so dynamic and visually pleasing.

First of all, I will tell you what was included…Box Contents Logo.jpg

This months box is worth £51.94 and contains 6 products!!!


You can just see from the figures that the £20.00 spent this month was well worth the money. I couldn’t wait to experiment and try the nail wraps. It was my first time trying any wraps and I have to say, they were such good quality.

Zoya Blue.jpg

Zoya – Mirajane


  • Dries fast
  • Vibrant Blue is true to colour
  • Applied full coverage in 3 coats
  • Mix between gloss and matte finish

I took this bottle out of the box and instantly got excited by it. The colour was so vivid and would look beautiful on anyones fingers.

It only took 3 coats to get a true-to-colour match and each layer dried within a minute. The finish of the polish was between a gloss and matte, so applying a gloss topcoat would be the perfect finish for this stunning polish. The brush supplied is perfect to get up close to the cuticles and are very narrow so more care can be taken during application. I personally prefer smaller and narrower brushes for easy application as I have narrow nails. I hardly had any clean up with this polish.

Zoya is a brilliant brand and are US based, but some retailers do sell their nail polishes if you look hard enough.

Models Own Orange.jpg

Models Own – Beach Hut


  • Dries in about 1-2 minutes
  • Orange is true to colour
  • Applied full coverage in 3-4 coats
  • Glossy finish

Models Own is a brand I believe to be very ‘hyped’ up, but for something super easy and super cheap, they aren’t bad for a polish you want to wear for a couple of days. I find these chip quickly, but I suppose with a strong topcoat, you can make them last longer.

Compared to Zoya, the application brush is wide and I had to do a lot of clean up, but it can so easily be removed with a clean-up brush. For the price, I don’t mind it not being the best of quality, as long as the colour is true and a couple of days wear can be done, then I don’t care.

Ibiza Mani.jpg

Nails Inc – Claridge Gardens, Neon Activator, NCLA – End of Summer Vinyls

Overview: Polish

  • Dries fast
  • Neon Pink is true to colour with the activator applied first
  • Applied full coverage in 2 – 3 coats
  • Bright and glossy finish

Nails Inc have been featured in Meebox many times and I’m not normally a big fan for this brand as I find their polishes chip very easily, BUT, this particular polish was different.

With this polish, the pink is very thing but the Neon Activator has to be applied first for the ‘neon’ to work. Stupidly, I did it the other way round first (Oops! I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes). After it taking me a mistake to figure it out, I finally saw the fascination of the neon. I couldn’t believe that it worked, I was actually gobsmacked.

The brush on this polish is also a bit wide but I still managed to apply fairly well. For £15, I was expecting good things from this and I wasn’t disappointed from it. I was so very pleased with this polish that I chose to use it in my Meebox challenge design. It was too pretty not to use.

The NCLA vinyls were brilliant and applied so easily without any difficulties. The instructions on the packaging are easy to follow and I couldn’t fault them. They lasted for a week and a half before peeling away from one nail. When needing to take the vinyls off, I struggled a little because they were so good! – I got them off in the end though.

I had so many compliments with these nails and vinyls, I had no hard work and I was able to do my nails smoothly and quickly.

The iZ Beauty London decals weren’t used for this mani but I did use them in another mani which I will be posting in the next couple of days. They were super sticky and didn’t budge from the nails once. I did come across one issue though, they crinkled with my Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat. But I liked the effect so kept them like that. I am not sure if you’re meant to use a topcoat of not, but I didn’t experiment with another topcoat. Let me know if you had an issue with these!

That is all for this month’s box guys. Let me know what you want to see up on my blog!

Kiran K x

P.S – If you fancy grabbing yourself a Meebox (UK Only at the moment) then head over to their website and subscribe today.

Check out my unboxing video on my Instagram too.

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