Meebox July ’17 Review

Birds of Paradise!

Hey guys,

This months box was incredible and worth £44.97 – Just over double for what I pay for the box.

The girls over at Meebox HQ never let us down.

Birds of Paradise Header.jpg


I was a bit nervous about this box because of the stamping plate. I haven’t always been great at stamping and tend to fail every single time. If you know of any tricks then please do let me know.

Leighton Denny: Precision Corrector

Firstly, the Leighton Denny Precision Corrector works fantastically and does the job! The brush however, I don’t believe it is strong and firm enough for the job. I used my own brush in the end but he formula of the corrector is great and doesn’t dry our cuticles.

Overall, a great product and will last a very long time. It may looks small, but it looks as if I didn’t even open the bottle. I used a lot as well because of my stamping disaster…

MoYou London

MoYou Tropical Stamping Plate 1.jpg

MoYou London: Tropical Plate 06

This plate is beautiful and I really wanted to experiment with it, and when I tried, I failed each stamp. I couldn’t pick up any stamping at all and started to lose my cool with it. It took me a night of sleep to then try the next day and kind of succeed. This isn’t down to the plate though, I just don’t have a good technique. I’m working on it!

Each stamp has beautiful detailing and with enough practice, I am hoping I can really create a diverse set of nails.

The stamper was good too but I personally prefer the clear ones so I can see what I am doing. It works perfectly fine though (once I actually picked up a stamp).

MoYou After The Storm.jpg

MoYo London: After the Storm


  • Drying time slower than average
  • Pale grey in colour
  • Applied full coverage in 2 coats
  • Gloss finish
  • Chunky brush

I expected this polish to stamp extremely well, but for me, this did not happen. The polish colour is beautiful and I would use this as a normal polish, not for stamping.

It didn’t want to pick up on my stamper, and I didn’t scrape too hard. I must of tried a good 50 times to try and get it to work, but it did not want to cooperate. In the end I gave up with using this for it’s ‘on the box’ purpose and used it as a normal base polish. Unfortunately I didn’t swatch it as I thought I’d only be stamping with it. FAIL.

The brush size is on the chunky side and as you can probably tell, I have narrow nails and a chubby brush just leaks polish onto my cuticles and means a lot of clean up. I don’t mind this but it can take up some time.

Overall, I lovely coloured polish, great for stamping ON, not for stamping WITH. Maybe you guys had better luck than me?

Wicked Polish: Aurora

Wikkid Polish Aurora.jpg

Wicked Polish: Aurora

Wikkid Polish Aurora 1.jpg

Wikkid Aurora Swatch.jpg


  • Dries fast
  • Sparkly green/purple
  • Applied full coverage in 2-3 coats
  • Rough glittery finish (Top coat is ideal)
  • Good brush size

I have to admit, I got very excited when I saw this in the box because I don’t own one like it. The colour is different than the usual and its a mix between green and purple with a bit of bling. It is a great polish and the best thing about Wicked Polish is the 5-free formula. It makes it even more loveable!

The polish applies well in 2 coats and you don’t need a lot of product either. As you can see from the swatch, it applies so well and dries fast. The one part I do feel a bit funny about with Aurora is the fact that it can go clumpy when applying it to the nail. This is because of the glitter substance that can dry quite quickly and when dragging more polish over, it can clump over. So be careful of excessive polish dragging – If that is what you want to call it?

The brush size is an ideal thickness and I was able to have control of applying the polish. It was definitely my perfect kind of brush.


AEngland Rosebower.jpg

A-England: Rose Bower

AEngland Rosebower 1.jpg

AEngland Rosebower Swatch.jpg


  • Dries fast
  • Vibrant ruby in colour – absolutely beautiful
  • Applied full coverage in 2 coats
  • Gloss finish
  • GREAT for stamping!!!

This polish became by best friend after my stamping disasters because this polish is PERFECT for stamping!!! No joke guys, the formula is brilliant for it and I got so happy when it worked. I could of cried with joy (I didn’t but I was close).

It is shimmery and is pinky/red in colour and looks so…sexy! This polish is something to drool over. My best friend in a bottle.

Ok, that may be a bit exaggerated, but it dries fast and stamps great…How?! I don’t know and I don’t care, as long as I can finally stamp!! – I am extremely happy about this, as you can probably tell.

Back down to earth…

This applies great in 2 coats with its perfectly size brush and A-England polishes last for a good week if taken good care of. I love this brand, I have never had a problem with their polishes. Keep up the good work A-England!

Drum role please… 

Birds of Paradise Nail ART.jpg

Meebox: Birds of Paradise Nail Art

I STAMPED! Hooray!

I even added my own little touch to make it more creative and even though it went a little bit messy, it is one of my personal favourites. It took me two days to figure out a design as I couldn’t hack the stamping, but with perseverance I did it!

Let me know what you guys think!

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Kiran K x

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