First day on the job?


It’s midweek, yay!

Yesterday I did a post about how to do your nails for an interview, depending on the job and company.

Today, I’d like to share with you guys what nails I did for my first day/week. I drilled my mind a little trying to work this out and some people may think it doesn’t matter but to us nail lovers, it’s probably more important than the hair and make-up.

First impressions are important and for your first day, your nails need to have a little personality but something that won’t take the attention away from the important stuff, like the actual work.

I went for a little floral design as, yes, I like pretty things but it also represents happiness. As I said to my colleagues on my first day, I brought a bit of sunshine to the company (lol) and you will see why…

Daisy Nails.jpg


I kept it very simple with an easy design. I didn’t want to stress out too much about what I should do.

My advice is to keep the nails short and let them grow gradually and have a subtle design  and colour. I used a subtle kind of yellow, something that still looks neutral but because of my skin tone, it didn’t look too bright. The first day is all about trying to impress so try not to design something that will draw your attention away from the actual tasks. The short nails means you show the boss that you’re up to all tasks and your nails won’t get in the way.

The top coat you use is important because your polish needs to last. I used the Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and it kept my polish on for days and it didn’t chip, meaning I didn’t get irritated by chipped polish.

I hope I helped you guys with those first day struggles.

Good luck for your first days!

Kiran K x

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