Meebox Aug’17 Review

Hello guys!

I know this is long awaited and there is going to be two Meebox reviews this month as I am a little late posting this one!

This theme was Born This Way and was extra special for Meebox’s 2nd Birthday and it was quite ‘out there’ with all the sparkle and shimmer. They definitely reminded me of Lady Gaga. The goodies were worth £34.99, not as much in the past but they were beautiful polishes.

Born This Way Content


  • Colol Club: Pure Energy (£6.35)
  • True Brit London: Etiquette (£12.50)
  • Ard As Nails: I Love You, Hunny Bunny 12ml (£7.00)
  • House of Wonderland: Born This Way Decals (Meebox Exclusive) (£5.00)
  • Meebox: The Grape Escape Polish Remover


Colour Club Blue Swatch.jpg

Pure Energy

This polish is stunning with its metallic twist; silver pearlescent stripes run through the colour and it’s so mesmerising. The colour glided on well with it’s ideal sized brush. It picks up the right amount of product for smooth application. It dries fairly fast so you won’t be waiting around too long for each coat.

I got so many compliments when I wore this colour by itself, but some stamping over his will make this pop even more!


True Brit London Lilac.jpg


There is usually at least one polish I will always love in any Meebox and this time it is this beautiful lilac polish by True Brit London! As soon as I took it out the box, I was instantly in love and couldn’t wait to try it out.

The packaging is different too and quite high-end. A cubic shaped bottle shows off the pink & violet iridescent effects. Shining both silver and lilac, this would be perfect for a simple mani!

I was able to get the perfect finish in 2-3 coats with a smooth application. Each layer goes on swiftly with the brush as it is not chunky at all. It holds more than enough polish and needs a couple of wipes on the side of the bottle for the right amount of polish for each nail. Although I haven’t tried stamping with this the polish wouldn’t be brilliant for stamping as it isn’t as creamy of those that can stamp. (Hoping this all makes sense)

At £12.50 a bottle, I’d definitely go out to buy this as the quality is great and lasted me a week and a half before chipping. I’d say go for it, girls! You get the green light from me.


Ard as Nails Purple Swatch.jpg

I Love You, Hunny Bunny

The holographic powder is packed in this polish just blows my mind! Look at it! I am pretty sure all of you will be able to see that…

Just imagine that in person?

This a creamy and smooth nail polish that applies super easy and in 2 coats. Use a generous amount of polish so the holo can be showed off. As you can see from the picture, the colour is bright and is so beautiful for the last of summer. This would be great for stamping too!


I wasn’t greatly fond of these as I personally wouldn’t buy them, but I guess they fit the months theme quite well, so I can accept.

I didn’t try out the decals but I have tried the brand before and they are wonderful, so have no doubt about these at all.


The Grape Escape remover is brilliant, the smell is so potent. The grapey smell really lasts a couple of days, I was pleasantly surprised! It didn’t smell like the usual remover smell. It takes off the polish quite quickly too unlike some acetone-free removers.

I personally think Meebox should start selling these as I would want to buy again once mine runs out.


For more nailspiration then check out my instagram @nailsbykirank.

Fancy grabbing a Meebox? Sign up on their website I am not an ambassador nor advertising for them, more so sharing my love for the girls over at HQ and want to share their creative boxes with you!

Let me know what else you’d like to see!

Kiran K x

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