Cienna Rose Beauty | New Brand Alert*


I am back with something exciting. Spread the word because a new brand is about…

I was given an exciting opportunity to take a first look at the new brand on the block before it’s launch yesterday and test out some polishes, I was not left disappointed.

Cienna Rose Beauty is owned by Carla Opoku, a self obsessed beauty junkie who has been in the industry for over 10 years. Her story? She made a move to Africa where she found herself a little abandoned from her favourite nail lacquers and accessories. Just like all of us, we cannot live without a good mani, so she decided to teach herself how to make nail lacquers to feed her obsession.

She found herself going through several formulas and batches, she developed a long-lasting nail lacquer infused with a special blend of Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Lemongrass oil, it looked amazing and best of all, her nails felt nourished. How could she not share this with the nail world?

After 3 years of developing the brand and perfecting the formula, she shared her secret with the world through Cienna Rose Beauty. Named after her daughter and her love for floral, this touching name is sure to be a hit with the nail society.

Carla was kind enough to send me a set of polishes and she has the greatest presentation.

Cienna Rose Beauty Box 30.11

Cienna Rose Polishes Boxed

Swatches? Of course…

Bisoe Nails.jpg


Goal Digger Swatch.jpg

Goal Digger

Pumpkin Pie Nails.jpg

Pumpkin Pie

The pictures don’t do justice for these subtle shimmery polishes. The rich formula applies onto the nail in a few smooth strokes. You guys know by now that I am fussy when it comes to the application brush, but this was just what I like. A thin brush that picked up the right amount of polish. It was so easy to control polish on the nail too. I’m sure the rest of you have experiences the polish running down to the side walls or down into the cuticle, but this just sat where you put it. I loved it.

The formula is amazing, it isn’t too thin and not too thick. The formula is rich and creamy, something the brand thrives on. Full coverage can be done in two coats, but just for that extra oomph, I applied three coats on my swatches, and look at how stunning they are! Carla has definitely hit the nail on the head with this formula. She has a range of colours that I personally cannot resist. Bold brights to pale pastels!

I have had the polish on for around 3 days now and it hasn’t chipped or damaged yet. I have done washing up without gloves, I have gone to work and done regular daily stuff and it still hasn’t moved. That is a gold star from me.

Coming from my graphic design background, I have to comment on the branding for those who are influenced to purchase by the look of things. I love the branding for Cienna Rose. It is clean and the linear rose isn’t overpowering. To hit the higher-end market of nail lacquer brands, Carla has really stuck to simplicity with soft colours. Last but not least, the bottles! How gorgeous are they?! I have a thing for bottles that are out of the ordinary and I think it makes it unique. A stunning design for a stunning brand.

The website is super easy to use, so I suggest you go ahead and take a nosey around at

Make sure you check out their social media sites too where they will be sharing launch offers, sneak peaks of their colour range, mani ideas and more!

Facebook: ciennarosebeauty

Twitter: ciennarosenails

Instagram: ciennarosebeauty

Pinterest: ciennarosebeauty

Kiran K x


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